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Thrive GPO SERVICES offer your Nonprofit 4 Ways to Save! At Thrive GPO we understand how hard you work every day to accomplish your mission.  Whether you are working on behalf of the earth, animals, disaster relief, veterans, the homeless or a whole host of other worthy causes focused on lifting up our community – you need more money to accomplish your mission and that’s why Thrive GPO is here to help!  We help you “Spend Less” so you can “Do More”.

  1. The THRIVE GPO Marketplace

    : The Thrive GPO Marketplace is an easy to use, intuitive, cloud based tool that allows you to “Search”, “Browse”, “Compare”, “Select” and “Order” those commonly used and purchased goods and services your nonprofit probably uses every day.  Thrive GPO offers the deepest discounts and the best pricing through its exclusively negotiated catalogs available to Members Only.  These catalogs offer a host of goods and services from office supplies to technology, MRO to Janitorial, Paper products to Warehouse Supplies.  We are constantly sourcing, negotiating and adding more catalogs all the time to the Marketplace.  So keep checking back for even more savings!

  2. Thrive GPO Procurement Desk

    :  The Thrive GPO Procurement Desk offers you an on demand buying service that uses the competitive marketplace to get you the best deal possible on larger orders over $2500 for goods and services not currently available via our catalogs or for LARGE quantities of items that would allow you to get special pricing incentives.  Just submit a Procurement Desk request to the Thrive GPO Procurement Desk and we’ll take it from there!  Getting back to you within five (5) business days with the top bids from a host of different suppliers that meet and exceed your requirements and save you even more money!

  3. Thrive GPO Premium Services

    : At Thrive GPO, we know that our Member nonprofits have needs for services not covered by our catalogs.  Therefore, in our Thrive GPO Marketplace, we also offer unique services that are needed by many of our Members at a greatly discounted price with a very user friendly online interface that allows you to do things like book travel, obtain unique services for your organization in finance & accounting or get human resource services for a whole host of HR related topics.  Whatever it is you need, you should be able to find it in the Thrive GPO Marketplace.

  4. Thrive GPO Strategic Sourcing Services

    : Thrive GPO also provides consulting services for Members who identify very specific category needs for their nonprofit that is perhaps, unique to your mission.  Your nonprofit may be spending millions of dollars every year on these goods or services, but it is not something that most other Members need.  For a proposed fee for services Thrive GPO will assign a team of experienced strategic sourcing professionals to help your nonprofit fully define your requirements, understand your data and then source the competitive marketplace to come up with the best deal possible exclusively for your organization.  We will ensure that all of this is documented and we will help you negotiate the agreement with the supplier or suppliers so that your nonprofit has a solid relationship with a strategic supplier that will partner with you going forward.


    It's FREE to join, and the application process only takes a few minutes!  We will have you on our marketplace and saving money in no time! CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW !