We were meant to Thrive together!

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Thrive is a Procurement as a Service (PaaS) provider to our members. We can handle your back office Procurement functions whether you require spot buy services for that unique one time requirement or you need a new contract that requires in depth Strategic Sourcing Services. Thrive GPO's PaaS is there to help our members get the most out of every dollar.




Thrive has partnered with key suppliers that provide our members with the best pricing on the most commonly ordered goods & services to stretch donor dollars!



Thrive is partnering with leading cloud based technology providers to build a unique point & click buying capability to make it easy for members to find and order what your nonprofit needs.



Thrive provides our members with support in every aspect of procurement. Feel free to contact us online or via phone and we’ll be happy to help!


With more than 60 years of combined experience in nonprofit management, for profit management, supply chain management, procurement and purchasing technologies, the THRIVE team is here to help you “Spend Less & Do More”.


Thrive GPO is a community of people who believe in their mission and the organization they support.  By joining together, we can help one another and provide a community that is active, engaged and focused on helping everyone succeed.


Thrive GPO is committed to helping nonprofits not only stretch every donor dollar they receive, but also become good stewards of those dollars by increasing nonprofit efficiency ratings.  Our commitment is to helping you “Do More Good”!

What we offer


Thrive offers members several ways to reduce the cost of purchase goods and services so members can redirect funds to core mission activities:

  • Access to pre-negotiated supplier agreements that cover a broad range of commonly purchased goods and services.
  • An easy-to-use, web-based ordering tool to help staff find and order whatever they need.
  • Access to a dedicated Sourcing Desk available to help staff find and purchase unique items that are not covered by one of our many pre-negotiated supplier agreements.
  • Custom Strategic Sourcing Support to help members source critical categories that are costly and unique to their operation.